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A Good Night's Sleep

Overnight Newborn-Infant Care, In Your Home or Virtual Support

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Sleepless Night's Are Not Required

You've heard all the stories about sleepless nights, strung-out mamas, and heartwrenching sleep-training stories...

But it doesn't have to be that way for your family. 

With a gently guided process, I will help you be proactive in teaching your babies to sleep through the night in a natural and safe way, that aligns with your parenting wishes.

In Home Support

Complete in-home overnight care and baby sleep coaching, based on your wishes, combined with my expertise. 

Virtual Coaching

Out of the area? No problem. We will meet by video call, create a custom sleep plan and I'll support you to implement.

Infant Sleep Rescues 4+ Months Baby Not Sleeping Through The Night Yet We Can Help!

I will compassionately help you reclaim healthy sleep when poor habits have taken over. 

"We hired Susan as a night nanny for our twins when they were seven weeks old. She came highly recommended by moms of twins and triplets. She is amazing with children and incredibly trustworthy. We were so fortunate to have Susan help us through those difficult early months."

Jillian F.

A Good Night's Sleep

Parents, out of desperation, will do anything to get their baby to sleep. Rocking, nursing, holding, car driving... the list goes on.  Then one day, they realize that life can't continue with such habits. They're tired, unproductive, and their baby is fussy. In an effort to fix the problem, they turn to drastic tactics that can be bond breaking.

Hello! I'm Susan. 

I help parents craft and implement a compassionate and healthy sleep plan  that aligns with their values, lifestyle and time, before and after baby(ies) arrives, to bring peace and rest to the whole family.

Download My Free Newborn Care Guide

A Good Night's Sleep: Newborn Care Guide From A Newborn Care Expert After 17 years helping families, I'm happy to share some tips and tricks from the trade.


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